We believe sustainability starts at design stage, and our pieces are designed with longevity in mind, both in shape and colour. We consider not just aesthetics but practicalities as well, giving thought to how each piece will be used, and above all, the quality that remains after many years of use. We are committed to small production runs ensuring there is no leftover stock. 

ESKO pieces are crafted with raw materials sourced directly from the earth, with the majority of minerals sourced locally in Indonesia. The glazes are non-toxic and free of lead and heavy metals. In the production facility itself, the kiln’s are only fired once full. During the day, the production facility utilises a translucent roof tent allowing for natural sunlight, meaning no artificial lighting is used during production.

Whilst ceramic production is by nature heavily intensive, we do as much as possible to reduce waste and recycle wherever possible. Any production waste such as unfired clay trimmings are returned to the laboratory, it is then cleaned, filtered and repurposed into new clay batches. Ceramics seconds and leftovers are offered at a lower price to clients or up-cycled into new and diverse designs. Broken pieces are sent to construction sites as land fillings.


Careful packaging is required to ensure goods arrive in perfect condition. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free.

In the studio we use Ranpak, a 100% recyclable, paper-based honeycomb packaging to send out your purchases. In addition, the boxes for the bathroom set are printed using 100% recycled FSC Certified chlorine-free paper stock.

Our commitment extends to the packaging we use during shipping from our manufacturer where honeycomb cardboard packaging is made on-site from recycled consumer boxes, combined with recycled shredded paper used as void-fill to protect the ceramics. When we receive the ceramics at our end, we continue to re-use this packaging wherever we can helping to extend the life-cycle.