About the ceramics

ESKO ceramics are 100% handmade, one piece at a time using a combination of methods, on the potters wheel and/or a variety of hand-building techniques, using high-grade durable porcelain. Human hands are involved in every step of production resulting in each piece being truly unique.

Each piece is made from the highest quality porcelain, suitable to withstand everything from daily life in the home to the rigours of commercial kitchens and hotels. Every piece is fired at 1280 degrees for superior durability. The quality is apparent on first touch—their texture, weight and balance. The pieces feel sturdy and solid whilst maintaining its delicate proportions and elegance.


We partner with highly-acclaimed Gaya Ceramics because we respect and share their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, high quality materials, sustainable practices that avoid wasteful production practices, and ethical employment, leaving you empowered by your purchase. Italian-owned and based in Bali, Gaya Ceramics create some of the world’s most exclusive ceramic collections. Their 100 strong team of ceramicists are part of a supportive community environment, with respect, honesty and integrity at the core of their values. 

Product Care

The porcelain is dishwasher and microwave safe. They can, with some care, be used in the oven however sudden changes in temperature (eg. oven to cold bench) can cause thermal shock resulting in fissures or breakages. Please take care to place any hot items on a wood or cloth surface.